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O'Reilly Online Learning Platform (formerly Safari)

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Oceanic Abstracts

Indexing focused on worldwide technical literature pertaining to the marine and brackish-water environment, with emphasis on marine biology and physical oceanography, fisheries, aquaculture, non-living resources, meteorology and geology, plus environmental, technological, and legislative topics.

OECD iLibrary Statistics

Statistics from the online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, including key tables, searchable data sets, and fact books. All content prior to 2017 is available, and select content after 2017 is available through the "read online" option.

Olympic World Library (OWL)

The OWL collection includes all official publications from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Organising Committees of the Olympic Games, dating back to 1894, Games related publications by National Olympic Committees and International Sports Federations as well as a rich collection of academic books, articles, and journals.


OneMine is a collaborative effort among multiple societies to place a comprehensive collection of mining and minerals based research in one place. The goal of OneMine is to collect a relevant and reliable aggregation of technical papers associated with mining and minerals in one, easy to navigate location.


OnePetro currently contains more than 80,000 documents, with more being added frequently. The number of documents is expected to grow as additional organizations choose to make their materials available through OnePetro. OnePetro is a multi-society effort that reflects participation of many organizations. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is operating OnePetro on behalf of the participating organizations.

Open Library of Humanities

The Open Library of Humanities publishes international, peer-reviewed scholarship across the humanities disciplines: from classics, theology and philosophy to modern languages and literatures, film and media studies, anthropology, political theory and sociology.

A freely available database of bibliographic records of periodicals, books, exhibition and auction catalogues from 1910-2007, creating a single portal to the legacy data in RAA, RILA, and BHA.

Opera in Video

Opera in Video is a collection of operatic performances covering the most commonly studied operas in music history, opera literature, and performance classes. The collection contains 500 hours of video comprising 288 operatic works.

OT Seeker

OTseeker is a database that contains abstracts of over 10,000 systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials and other resources relevant to occupational therapy interventions. It is designed to help occupational therapists use research evidence about occupational therapy interventions to inform their practice by quickly locating it. Research evidence relevant to occupational therapy has been retrieved from over 1,000 different journals and has been located by comprehensive searches across numerous bibliographic databases. Surveys of people using OTseeker have indicated that having research relevant to occupational therapy interventions in one resource has improved their ability to locate research evidence quickly (Bennett et al 2007). Further, most trials (published prior to July 2013) have been critically appraised for their internal validity (risk of bias) and interpretability. Information about the critical appraisal details completed for each trial is also accessible in the database.


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This portal provides access to the WVU journal subscriptions through OVID, a search portal for tables of contents and abstracts of ALL OVID journals, MEDLINE through OVID, the OVID Nursing Database, and Zoological Record.

Oxford African American Studies Center (5 users)(discontinued)

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Oxford Art History Bibliographies (Discontinued)

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Oxford Art Online (3 users)

Oxford Art Online is the innovative new gateway for searching Grove Art Online and other art resources from Oxford. Allows access for three simultaneous users.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online (Discontinued)

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Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is a guide to the meaning, history, and usage of 500,000 words and phrases past and present, from across the English-speaking world.

Oxford Handbooks Online: History

Articles from 21 Oxford Handbooks review the key issues, reveal original arguments and concepts, and set the agenda for new research in history, on topics such as cities, food, fascism, witchcraft, Europe, and more.

Oxford Music Bibliographies

Authoritative research guides combining high-level encyclopedic overviews and annotated bibliographies on music topics including composers, instruments, style periods, countries, and more.

Oxford Reference (Discontinued)

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Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online provides access to more than 16,000 books from the scholarly list of Oxford University Press, covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law.

Oxford Scholarship Online: Physics

Provides full-text access to scholarly physics books.